Are you facing problem with Nook HD battery?

If you are Nook HD user and recently encountering battery problem when you plug your Nook. The moment you plug it says fully charged and the moment you start using it then it doesn’t function or when you play a YouTube video after just 2 min message pops up that your battery is critically low and after that your Nook shuts down and when you plug it says shows default battery and you are in dilemma is your battery dieing. If you are encountering such type of problem you can take the help of Nook help or you can try some of these steps to tackle this battery issue.

  • Sometimes the battery problem occurs when your Nook doesn’t charge for instance plug from the motherboard into the battery might be loose if you have dropped your Nook accidentally onto the floor.
  • So try opening your Nook and check that your battery is securely plugged. To open your Nook you require cell phones tool kits it is not easy to open the Nook or you can take professional help form Nook customer service.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting steps will help you counter this issue.

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