How can you close the opened programs on Nook color?

Having the updated version of operating system, some apps or programs stay unlock in the background which is easy to close with fixing steps.

All Nook users, How is it going with your dynamic Nook tablet? It was a long time when the Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablet got introduced in the competitive market. After getting faded, Barnes and Noble mark their comeback with Nook Tablet 7 version. If you are one of the new users of the latest version, then do reach out to www Nook com account to create your nook account and kick start your e-reading experience.


Apart from the latest version, the lineup of existing nook tablet series is still performing in a fair manner in the market. And in the whole lineup, Nook color is one of that version which is still performing better than the other versions in the market. If you are one of the nook color users, then you must be aware that keeping the device upgraded is quite important. And having an upgraded operating system is quite fine in order to access the features of the device in a fine way. But, having such kind of modified operating software is actually can be an issue in which the apps keep running in the background. And if you witness this kind of issue with your tablet, then the battery of the tablet could get damaged in a short period of time. Well, there could be the chances that the developers have added the Exit option or else, you will require heading to use any third party app. Still, if you get any other query, you can simply head to Nook help for better assistance and guidance.

So, the first thing which you will require to do is to switch off the Nook color by holding the power button for around 20 seconds. After holding the power button for a short time, you will be directly getting the option of shutting down your tablet. All you will require doing is to cancel the whole process and then head back to the Nook color. All the running apps will simply get stopped running in the background.

  1. After that, you will need to head to the browser and then to the “Options” to unlock the menu and shut down the browser windows which are unlocked. Now, head on to simply choose the “Windows” and select the X next to any window to close it.
  2. Now enroot to the last activity and simply shut down the latest app that you have unlocked.
  3. After that, head on to tap the Nook button on the full screen of the apps to get the “Exit” option. After getting the option, just head on to choose the option.
  4. Now, you will require to directly install the “Your app manager” from the Barnes & Noble app store. Head on to start the app and choose any of the process running in the background and then select “Kill it” to end the whole process on a final basis.

Still, if you face the problem again during the process, then you can just head to Nook Com support to get the professional guidance and solutions.

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