How to switch to a new Kindle device?

If you have purchased a new Kindle, but worried about the transfer of your eBooks collection, then here are the facile steps to switch to your new Kindle.

Kindle users, how is it going with your Kindle device? With the lineup of different Kindle versions, Amazon has marked the key presence of Kindle in the list of reading tablets in the competitive market. And with the quality features and services, the Amazon’s e-reading tablet has also been able to catch the eyeballs of all the readers around the world.


Due to the growing competition and innovation, Amazon has also involved itself in upgrading the lineup of its Kindle tablets with the add-on of the exclusive features and functions to provide the amazing experience to all the users.

Well, with the classic Kindle library, there is no doubt that you must be having the lineup of favorite books on your Kindle device, which you must have purchase and download from your account. But, in the case, if you have purchased the latest Kindle and worrying about the transfer of your favorite collection of eBooks to your new Kindle, then check out the facile steps below to fix out the problem. Even, you can also sync and move all your notes to the new Kindle easily. Check out the steps below to easily enjoy the collection of eBooks on your new Kindle device. Apart from this, you can also get the help from kindle help to counter the other issues with their solutions.

1) Firstly, you will require to launch the web browser of the computer and then unlock the Manage Your Kindle page on your account.

2) Now, you will require ensuring that the “Whispersync Device Synchronization” is in the “ON” mode in the section of Manage Your Devices. If it is not, just head to tap the ‘Turn On” button to the right side of the username. Apart from this, the Whispersync is by default on the “ON” mode.


3) After ensuring about the Whispersync, just head to press the “Menu” button on the previous Kindle’s keyboard and then choose the “Sync and Check for Items” by accessing the five-way controller. After doing this, all your full data can entirely synchronize with your Amazon.cmo account, which is a great thing for all new Kindle users.

4) Now, head on to switch on your Kindle.

5) After switching on your new Kindle, just press the “Menu” button on the keyboard and then choose the “Settings” by accessing the five-way controller.


6) Now, head on to choose the “Register” option and then enter the right username and password of their account that you were using on the old Kindle.

7) Just head to the “Manage Your Kindle” page on the web browser of your computer and then just tap the “Actions” button at the right of all the downloaded and purchased books previously.


8) Now, you will required to choose the “Delivery to my….” from the context menu and then head to choose the latest Kindle device from the Deliver to drop-down menu. You just need to repeat this process for all the items that you wish to send to the latest Kindle. And the subscriptions and e-Books gets directly appear in the latest Kindle’s library.

9) Lastly, you will be required to press the “Menu” button on the keyboard of the new Kindle and then head to choose the “Sync and Check for Items” option by accessing the five-way controller. All the data related to your notes and content will get easily synchronized to the latest Kindle.


Important Tips-

  • On the latest Kindle, the process of synchronization happens directly without choosing the “Sync and Check for Items.” If you head to perform the task on the manual basis, then it could slow down the whole process.
  • There is no requirement to send the Achieved items folder to the latest Kindle, as the folder automatically gets full with the bunch of many books from the page of Manage your Kindle.

After applying the process, if you get any barrier in the process or the device, you can head to Amazon Kindle Support for professional guidance and assistance.

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