Is your kindle fire de-register itself? Know why

Last year, there was a big problem with Kindle Fire tablets, as they suddenly begin to de-register themselves. The issue was not confined to any particular Kindle Fire model, but it especially affected those Kindle Fire tablets, which were running on 8.9 OS.

There are a large number of threads throughout the web, especially on Amazon forums where people have mentioned the issue and the inconvenience caused by it. The problem got rectified after some time, but I was checking those forums again and found that the problem has appeared again. People who faced the issue last year are facing it again. This time around, the issue is not predominantly affecting 8.9 OS, but it has now got a new target, i.e., Kindle Fire with a price tag of $50 and Kindle Fire tablets for children, which also run Freetime. Click Here To Read Full Story


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