Step By Step Guide To Install Google Play Store On Amazon Kindle $50 Fire Tablet

Amazon launched kindle fire tablet a year back for $50 only and it has been by the customers as well due to its outstanding features available in it and option to download the app from amazon kindle store without any hassle. However, there is one limitation that sometimes displeases some users. This is; unavailability of google play store and apps on their kindle tab.

Today, in this blog post we have brought a surprise for you through which you can enjoy google play store and its app on your tablet. Just read this blog post carefully and implement the small tweak on your tablet without taking kindle support from any other blog post.


Requirements for installation

We want to mention here that there are mainly two ways to install google play store on your device. One way is sideloading the APK file from your computer to the kindle tablet by downloading the file in the computer itself. Another way is installing the google play store directly on the system and start accessing it. Despite little bit complications we are going to discuss the latter method in this blog post because it is easy to use and you will feel, as you are using the play store on your mobile. The normal requirements for both these methods are:

  • Kindle fire tablet.
  • Android APK file for the 1st method.
  • Windows OS for the 1st method.
  • Developer kit for 2nd method.
  • Root junky tool.

Now we are going to discuss the step by step guide for installing the play store via the 2nd method. If you find any problem in understanding the points, then you can take kindle help. Direct installation method is quite a common method used by most of the users on their amazon kindle because there is no need to install each app individually after installing the full package in the device. Additionally, users are getting google play services with this method of installation, which is the major requirement for every google app for its smooth functioning.

Important: If your kindle fire tablet has updated OS, then you may not be able to use this method because this function is not available on OS above 5.3.1. So, if you want to install the play store through this method, then you need to stop any further updates on your device. For this, you can use Root junky tool to block the future updates. For more help and support, you can visit kindle com support link.

Now the steps are discussed here as under:

  • Go to home menu and open settings of your kindle.
  • Click on ‘device’ icon.
  • Click on the serial number repeatedly, until you find ‘you are now developer’ option on the kindle screen. The process to retrieve this option is also available on www kindle com support link.
  • You will find the developer option down the serial number of the device.
  • Connect the kindle to PC.
  • Enable ADB from the device.
  • Open the tool and start extracting the files from the folder.
  • Open the file with name ‘install play store’ under super tool menu.
  • Install ADB drivers’ right after the completion of the program.
  • Click on the 2nd method to begin installation of drivers.
  • Check if the files are properly installed in your kindle or not, if not, then reconnect the kindle with the PC and transfer the files again.
  • Once the installation gets completed, install google play store on your kindle along with its supported files.
  • Go back to home screen. If you find any problem, then you can go to kindle fire support help link from your computer.
  • Restart your kindle after clicking on type 3. This will bar any future updates.

You can now access google play store from your device.

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